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RX2 - proven technology & more flexibility in the choice of features

ProductID 116

Higher speeds, increasingly varied substrates and the requirement for environmentally sound solutions have driven the development of our market-leading CIJ printers. The experience and knowledge gained through the installation of more than 100,000 printers worldwide has led to the introduction of our new RX2 series. The RX2 has everything to meet a wide and varied range of user´s requirments.
Easy main ink filter replacement through "quick disconnect" system

- Perfect solution for complex and standard applications

- Easy to integrate in existing production lines and networks

- Print head can easily installed inline or at 90 degrees and is producted from cast aluminium body for use in extreme harsh environments

- Stainless steel cabinet offers IP55 dust & drip proof protection

- Very low maintenance costs

Printing method: Ink Jet
IP Class: IP55
Barcodes Printing: , , , , , , , ,